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live now Live now: Vashish w/ Mike Calandra Achode

live now Live now

Vashish w/ Mike Calandra Achode

Dj Peugeot

Disco / House
Based in Belgium, Antwerp.
From Italo Disco, Afrobeat, bubblegum and house influences, he s always searching for obscure and weirdo music.
Inspired by 80’s Belgian Music and culture club with a big interest on experimental music through early computer graphics, tv and cars.
He is the co founder of Sweaty Palms (Antwerp) and Kurabu (Mechelen).
Playing at Kiosk Radio (Brussels), WAV Radio (Antwerp), Soulfull Sessions (Antwerp), Spek (Antwerp), and Resident at Bar Helder (Antwerp).