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Archivi Radio Raheem → Suono cosmico dall'universo

The Ballroom Blitz Broadcasts → Season 2

The Ballroom Blitz Broadcasts are a collaborative effort from Radio Raheem and The Ballroom Blitz to amplify music performances starting from lebanese musical scene through the like minded Milanese station. The second season will focus on more daring Dj sets and a series of live performances from the region. This time will be included as a new partner Ruptured, Lebanon’s leading independent and alternative record label.

24/11/2021 - Ruptured x Ballroom w/ ANTHONY SAHYOUN & NADIA DAOU [Nâr]

20/10/2021 - Ruptured x Ballroom w/ Youmna Saba & Pomme Rouge

22/09/2021 - Ruptured x Ballroom w/ Sandmoon & Abed Kobeissy + Sharif Sehnaoui

20/07/2021 - Ruptured x Ballroom w/ Elyse Tabet & Kid Fourteen

29/06/2021 - Ruptured x Ballroom w/ Fadi Tabbal & Aya Metwalli

05/12/2020 - The Ballroom Blitz Broadcasts x Ruptured w/ TEDTEDTED → Live from Beirut