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live now Live now: Neutral Mutation w/ Vito Gatto

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Neutral Mutation w/ Vito Gatto

Noisecapes Preview 2021

An irreversible noise, disturbance, annoyance, restraint, the non-indulgence of the media. Exploring audiovisual landscapes using burning volumes and sharp textures transporting artists and audiences into uncharted territories beyond the borders established by conventional video and audio.

Noisecapes does not encourage the comfortable dimension of the audiovisual or its aesthetic forms. The irreversible noise is trans-media curiosity, drawing attention to the future which takes note of the mysterious mixture of ruin, renewal, danger and opportunities of expansion for the urban and mental spaces cultivated by the individual.

Noisecapes is a manifestation of white violence. It is disturbing, introspective aural chaos, continuously renewed. And it doesn’t appeal to conventional sensibilities.

06/01/2021 - Noisecapes Preview w/ Katatonic Silentio →Live from Matera

06/01/2021 - Noisecapes Preview w/ Marco Segato Presents La Serpiente→Live from Matera