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Archivi Radio Raheem → Suono cosmico dall'universo

25 A/V

Radio Raheem and Kiosk Radio are proud to team up for 25 A/V, a brand new audiovisual series showcasing local talent from Belgium and Italy’s music and visual arts scenes.⁠⁠
The series will kick off on Thursday 13 May at 6pm CET and continue monthly throughout 2021. All the performances will be co-broadcasted simultaneously on and⁠⁠
Through 25 A/V, we wish to take a first step towards a wider network of online radios from Europe and beyond.

21/10/2021 - 25 A/V → Emiliano Ruggiero

Emiliano Ruggiero is an Italian-born, Tokyo-based filmmaker and musician. With his own imprint I Low You, Emiliano aims to elevate experimental, ambient and lo-fi music artists.
With this audiovisual work “TOKYO in 5 chapters of 5 minutes each”, the artist pays tribute to the city’s architecture, buildings, transport, people and culture, mixing motion graphics and original footage.

21/10/2021 - 25 A/V → Susobrino & Rocco Manta

In “Pocualeíto” (an anagram for “eucalipto”) – just released on Dengue Dengue Dengue’s own Kebrada imprint – Brussels-based producer of Bolivian descent Susobrino fuses his extensive practice in Afro-Latin percussion with a penchant for cinematic strings that oscillate between eerily quiet and fractally intense. No better match than the surrealist visuals and dreamlike universes of Rocco Manta, 3D artist also based in Brussels. Inspired by old video games aesthetics and retro computer graphics, Rocco is also a talented music producer, and pays close attention to the relationship between sound and image.

17/06/2021 - 25 A/V → Baransu

17/06/2021 - 25 A/V → Sagat

13/05/2021 - 25 A/V→ Lorem

Lorem is a music-driven multidisciplinary practice by Italian musician, visual artist and independent researcher Francesco D’Abbraccio. Working with neural networks and digital systems, he produces sounds, visuals and text with a strong narrative component.

Compression on Time:
Compression of Time is a new live recorded, AI-driven audiovisual performance by Lorem. Working as a crossdimensional hypercollage, it moves from 3D text units and let music and visuals resonate with each other across time and waves, disclosing new Word possibilities. Plagiarized holographic ideograms serve as a balm to an existential wound. Freeing oneself of physical connection, even for a little while, might be an important flaring respite.

13/05/2021 - 25 A/V→ Vica Pacheco

Vica Pacheco is a Brussels-based artist from Mexico. She likes to create rich sound and visual worlds that come to life in multiple and astonishing turns. This exclusive audiovisual work illustrates a circuit of connected bodies in movement, as a metaphor of the constantly evolving community of artists and listeners behind our radio network.

Is a short animation conceived for kiosk radio.
The idea was to illustrate a whole circuit of connected bodies, always in movement, distilling something alive and organic. To me it makes reference to this radio network, people creating, discovering and sharing music, and never ever stopping distilling beautiful energie.
Those sounds are some recent unreleased compositions I’ve been working on, nothing concrete but matching with my visual universe.